Is Social Media a Learning Tool for English Language?

Hiba Zakir

Hiba is an enthusiastic reader and a born writer. She loves reading fictions and fantasy and plans to be a novelist in the near future. Hiba has an optimistic mind and would like to work towards spreading the light of education when she grows up.


Whether it is a political analysis from the twitter Nazis or the drool worthy Instagram pictures of celebrities, social media sites are your go-to guide to the ins and outs of the world.


Social media. These words are something every individual present in this era recognizes because nowadays all we hear is the splendor and prominence of social media. Whether it is a political analysis from the twitter Nazis or the drool worthy Instagram pictures of celebrities, social media sites are your go-to guide to the ins and outs of the world. It is the platform that connects people all over the globe to connect and stay in touch with each other. It’s true that there are numerous advantages as well as disadvantages of social media in our lives but the biggest disadvantage of social media, at the moment is that it is completely ruining our grammar.


Sure for some people the Tumblr text posts or the tweets might be improving your knowledge and sometimes your vocabulary but majority of these people do not even know the difference between ‘receive’ and  ‘recieve’ and ‘believe’ and ‘beleive’. What you feel is ‘improving’ your vocabulary is the wonder of autocorrect. We might be making god awful spelling errors but autocorrect with correct them for you in a jiffy without you even realizing that you’ve made an error. It can turn our poorly spelled words to perfectly spelled words. The excessive use of autocorrect has made us rely so much on this feature that without our phones and laptops we’re not able to spell common words correctly. This is a huge setback in the development of English as a language. Apart from autocorrect the inordinate use of useless abbreviations has made our spellings poorer still. What harm will it do to you if you type ‘okay’ instead of ‘K’? It’s really not the end of the world if you type three extra letters nor does it take up so much of your time. Just start the conversation with what’s up instead of ‘sup for once. You won’t even waste 0.05 of a second, trust me. A common misconception is the difference between abbreviations and slang as slang stands for short language. But the fact remains that whether you use slang or abbreviations you’re not going to get very far with that sort of grammar and vocabulary. Coming to the topic of bad grammar, the language people use nowadays doesn’t even make sense because most of the times compound words and conjunctions can’t be seen anywhere within the sentence.


The use of curse words in our daily life and slang in our sentences is not something you’ll see people pointing out a lot. Because the fact is that with the help of social media people have started accepting and expressing everything. They accept people from different religions, casts, genders, and sexualities without even batting an eye. There is so much bad in the world that people see social media as a release from all those burdens. People have now stopped judging. They just accept and move on. In the words of Rumi “Out beyond the ideas of wrong doings and right doings there is a land, I will meet you there.” Our generation lives in that land with no thoughts about what is right and what is wrong. They just express, accept and move on. Hence the fact that no one realizes that social media can have a negative impact on the learning of English language and therefore no one helps in the solution to this problem.

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