Proficiency of English Language As A Means For Better Prospect

Abdul Waheed

Abdul Waheed is an energetic facilitator. He has been associated with the field of education from last 10 years. He is masters and has expertise of teaching at private and government schools. He has appeared in public service commission examinations. He aims at becoming a lecturer at first stage Masters in English Literature from the University of Baluchistan, Quetta.


A flourishing and glowing future is at a stone’s throw distance from those who
possess a full command of English language


English language, the successor of Anglo-Saxon language, has become the most important and widely spoken all over the globe. World’s most spoken language, the English language, is at the zenith of its glamour and supremacy. After it, the Chinese language avails the second position, but it’s demand and popularity exceeds Chinese as well all other languages. The widely recognized and valuable prospects of English language cannot be denied. In every walk of life and professions the growing value and importance of English is visible. It has become the best way of international verbal and written communication. All the information and transactions are being transmitted in English at national and international organizations.  A person or employee having a good command in English language can survive easily in competitive job sectors and can make a
charming future.


A student who is getting higher education wants his dreams come true by getting education in the most high ranked international universities. One of the obstacles that ruin their future is lacking in proficiency of English language .Despite having all other requirements fulfilled the ignorance of English prevents them from getting education abroad. Experts at English have great value in multinational organizations as well as local based. The management prefer those who can communicate fluently and confidently in board meetings and conferences. The ones who are capable of presenting the views of companies are highly paid.


Looking forward to appearing for civil services examinations the aspirants face difficulty in English greatly. An expert of English has great opportunities to pass these examinations with ease and flying colors, which lead them to become a civil officer. The proficiency in English opens the door to success as well as fame. Teaching English is one of the best prospects for the experts in English. The stormy-growing demand of English in developing countries has created numerous jobs for English teachers at all levels. Their demand is increasing day by day. To meet this high demand internationally recognized and certified courses such as ELTA-A,ELTA-B,IESOL,CELTA etc. are being offered by international institutions .These courses have improved  the abilities and expertise of teachers.


The scientific and educational researches are mostly conducted in western countries in English languages. It is not easy to go pace with those countries without having full command of international language. Those students who are selected for scholarships  have good know-how about English besides a tremendous academic records .Students are sent to international universities where they represent their countries and return with highly acceptable degrees which raise their professional values and skills.


The above mentioned prospects vividly describe that in all professions the importance of English and it’s proficiency unveiling better opportunities and prospects.Economical,scientific and education sectors are offering unprecedented benefits to them.

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