Company Overview

LearnTech.pk is among the first organizations of Pakistan to offer professional development and consultancy services to educational institutions and corporations, empowering them to transform the way they learn and work by integrating technology in their respective everyday routines.

LearnTech.pk offers a unique blend of services using technological innovations allowing, on one hand, the customers to keep intact their rich contextual realities, yet gear them with tools ensuring that they meet global standards. These customized solutions ensure that whoever approaches LearnTech.pk will find creative ways to be the best in the market. The revolution of technology within business today has made it essential for all to accept and embrace the need for organizations like LearnTech.pk to work hand in hand.

About Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems are ubiquitous. A Learning Management System or LMS is a software application used to administer, document, track, report and deliver educational content, courses and training programs online. Academic LMSs are used by schools, colleges, universities and other institutions to provide online or blended/hybrid courses or supplement classroom learning with online learning. Many businesses and educational institutions have witnessed the positive impact of using an LMS and have consequently decided to invest more in LMS. So purchasing an LMS can potentially be a valuable investment that will yield positive results for your organization.

Considerations before buying an LMS

Every educational organization has its own requirements for LMS and purchasing a new LMS for managing learning initiatives of your organization or replacing existing LMS requires your prudence and careful consideration. But before selecting a vendor, it is important that you have the basic understanding of what an LMS is and what it is not. Once you have a strong grip over the essential features and functions of an LMS, you can make a more informed decision. So what is an LMS and what are its core functions?

Our LMS services include:

Moodle Customization & Development

360eLearning utilizes its expertise and experience to offer a wide range of customization services for Moodle LMS. We can customize its features as per your specific requirements. You can always count on 360eLearning for a personalized Moodle LMS.

Moodle Installation

We ensure trouble-free installation and launch of your Moodle LMS on your web server. Our services include consultation, installation, user management, guides, basic training etc. We can also install plugins on your Moodle LMS as per your requirements.

Moodle Support & Maintenance

We ensure trouble-free installation and We have a dedicated support and maintenance department which works 24x7 to ensure the smoothness of LMS on your server. Our customer services department is always there to assist you in troubleshooting specific issues or questions.

Moodle Course Creation

We ensure trouble-free installation and A strong area of 360eLearning, our Moodle courseware services include: Visual design and creation/redesign of your existing courses Complete course creation (includes advice and structuring of content in coordination with your Subject Matter Experts)

Moodle Themes & Branding

We provide complete customized branding and feel to your LMS using your branding guidelines. This feature enables you to own the LMS. We will optimize the LMS features as per your specific needs.

Moodle Training

We ensure trouble-free installation and 360eLearning offers formal Moodle training at different levels:

  • Administrator – To ensure smooth management
  • Course Creators – To create courses

Benefits of LMS

     Easy to use and customize

     Easy to expand with the increase in users

     Instant training access

     Reduction in delivery cost and time

     Custom reporting for administrations, managers and users

     Multiple tracking options

     Can be accessed on multiple digital devices

     Easy to brand according to your own organizational branding guidelines

     Secure content

     Increased performance

Learning Management Functions

A core function of corporate LMSs is that it enables the training managers and experts to manage the process of training and learning. A good LMS, therefore, allows:

  • Delivery of course content
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Management, scheduling and tracking of training events and courses
  • Assessment and Testing
  • Management of curriculum, courses and certificates
  • Management of skills and competencies
  • Analysis of skills gap
  • Development of IDPs (Individual Development Plans) for employees
  • Tracking of progress
  • Management of training records
  • Designing and authoring courseware
  • Management of resources
  • Creation of virtual learning communities and organizations

Features of LMS

We provide the following features:

Desktop & Device Friendly

LearnTech.pk LMS is desktop and device friendly. It works on multiple digital devices. It gives you mobility and freedom to access it from any device.

Multi-Language Pack

LMS can be in different languages as per your geographical requirements. This can take care of your multi-lingual needs.

Messaging and Notifications by Learners

You can send reminders and notifications to your users on upcoming training or deadlines. You can use the forum to initiate discussions on training material or exercises etc.

Managing Users and their Roles

Using these LMS services you can upload courses, assign roles to your users, recommend courses to your users and generate various reports as per your requirements.

Flexibility in Expansion

This LMS is flexible. It expands as per your needs. If your users grow, we have the capability and capacity to take care of the increasing number of users.

Conduct Tests

LMS makes it easier for you to test pre and post-training knowledge of your users. Using this feature you can conduct tests on LMS to assess the level of knowledge gained by the participants in particular training.

Security & Privacy

The content uploaded on LMS will be secured. All the users can be restricted to a particular level to access the content.

Badges and Grades

The users can be awarded badges and grades on the courses. The users can view their current progress and check their grades & badges earned.

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

LMS provides real-time tracking and reporting. Using this feature manager and the users can track their progress, test scores, average scores and time is taken to complete training etc.

Making a Course Calendar

You can make a course calendar for yourself and your LMS users. They users will be able to view the available training courses. It will be easier for them to register for the courses in advance.