Learning and education have the potential of playing life-changing roles in most people’s lives. Therefore. We have an obligation to keep developing the quality and impact of education!
To be effective in the 21st century the educational world will require keen attention to innovate curricula, classroom practices and teacher quality. LearnTech.pk through its innovate programs aims to transform classroom practices fostering creativity and critical thinking in learners so that they move from rote memorization towards complex comprehension and application abilities.

What does EduTech Offer You?

Information and Communication Technology in institutions of learning is being used as a tool for not only overall management and organization of learning but also to inculcate in the young generation skills necessary to cope with future life. LearnTech.pk through its EduTech unit will provide continuing education programs for different stakeholders of the teaching learning process such as the learner, teacher, headteacher, parents and administrators.

Our Approach

LearnTech.pk has been striving to revolutionize the approach of learning in any sector of life by especially focusing on three major components:

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Learn the basics of Information and Communication Technology at LearnTech.pk where special workshops are organized to teach various tools that can be employed to do every day work.

Once the tools are learned it’s time to also acquire the art of integrating the tools in everyday work and be able to apply the tools for gaining optimal efficiency and efficacy.

At LearnTech.pk you learn to use technology to run systems efficiently such as Learning Management System assisting in transforming teaching process.

Our Domain

People Development

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Educational Leaders
  • Educational Administrators
  • Corporate Employees

Resource Development

  • Learners Resources
  • Teaching and learning Resources
  • Management Resources
  • Educational Leadership Resources

Program Development

  • Curriculum Enrichment through
  • Technology
  • Workshops
  • Certificate Courses
  • Blended Learning Programs
  • Management Courses


  • Research
  • School Improvement Plans
  • Online/e-Learning Programs
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Management Information Systems
  • Professional Development Programs

Our Teaching Methodology