What is eUstad?

eUstad is an initiative of LearnTech.pk (Private) Limited, an organizaion whose vision advocates the ideology of redefining learning through technology. eUstad is the result of a unique blend of education technology wih pure acadmics. eUstad provides space for tutors to use their expertise to provide digital support to students so they can excel in their studies.

eUstad provides excellent educational opportunities that meet the needs of the community and help students meet their academics needs by paying particular attention to each learner through technology.

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The philosophy behind the eUstad platform?

We plan to enable as many students as possible to succeed academically through our digital platform that provides them with the best possible support through highly qualified tutors. It is through online learning that we want to revolutionize how learners and tutors are currently preparing for academic success.

The concept of traditional education is radically changing, the physical presence in a room, either in school or in a coaching center, is no longer the only learning option, at least not with the rise of the Internet and new technologies. Online support through tutoring provides an opportunity for the tutor and learner to define their own pace of learning, and there is greater flexibility in establishing a schedule that matches each learner's program.