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LearnTech.pk is among the first organizations of Pakistan to offer professional development and consultancy services to educational institutions and corporations, empowering them to transform the way they learn and work by integrating technology in their respective everyday routines.

LearnTech.pk offers a unique blend of services using technological innovations allowing, on one hand, the customers to keep intact their rich contextual realities, yet gear them with tools ensuring that they meet global standards. These customized solutions ensure that whoever approaches LearnTech.pk will find creative ways to be the best in the market. The revolution of technology within business today has made it essential for all to accept and embrace the need for organizations like LearnTech.pk to work hand in hand.

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Our Philosophy


LearnTech.pk is committed to bring innovative solutions to the needs of educational and corporate institutions and creating experiences that will allow them to be nurtured continuously for better prospects.


Our mission is to put into action such quality professional development programs and services that enhance capacities of today’s academic arena and business community by empowering them to effectively leverage technology as a tool for their personal and professional growth and bring a shift in how they learn and work.


We believe that empowered leaders and engaged communities who have a shared vision and passion for learning can tap into the potential of technology to drive real change on the ground.


Passion for work




Fairness & honesty

Lifelong Learning

International Affiliations

Product and Services Portfolio


LearnTech.pk is the Implementing Partner of British Council to roll out Connecting Classroom Program across Sindh and Baluchistan.
Some highlights of the program are as follows

  • Leadership Training
  • Core Skills In depth, comprehensive training
  • Schools Online
  • International School Awards (ISA)
  • Online Training


We help businesses enhance their abilities and be able to get the best out of their workforce. From deployment of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to custom made training programs, our in-house team of developers help to design and create a suitable training program for your organization.

  • Learning Management System Deployment
  • E-Learning Modules
  • Micro-learning Videos
  • Content Development
  • Training & Development


  • Teachopedia is a unique platform through which career-minded individuals can constantly improve their skills and become more proficient at their jobs.
  • Effective professional development enables individuals to develop the knowledge and skills they need to address the challenges of tomorrow and be better prepared for employment.
  • Teachopedia provides training, certification, and education that a worker needs to succeed in his or her career.
  • Through Teachopedia individuals can learn these skills to become better, more efficient global citizens.


  • Eustad is a platform designed keeping in mind individuals seeking skills based courses to help enhance their careers.
  • By connecting teachers and students through a platform, Eustad ensures the continuation and propagation of knowledge.
  • One of our key work areas is professional development. Eustad is the platform that gives power to both teachers and students to be able to do this at their own pace and at a minimal cost


LearnTech.pk offers English programs in different categories in two broad zones:

  • English language proficiency programs – local and international
  •      ELPP is a category to improve English language proficiency of an individual according to his or her need
  • English language teaching programs – local and international
  •      ELTP is a category to learn English language Teaching skills of teachers who wish to teach at various levels.


  • We say we have the central root of web hosting. This was started to support local businesses and has grown over the last 5 years.
  • We sell domains, web hosting space, Virtual Private Servers fully managed, websites and software applications. 
  • With customers from over 5 countries, we continue to be one of the most recognized hosts in the world with datacenters in Seattle, Atlanta, and Amsterdam, NL.