Proficiency of English Language As A Means For Better Prospect

Umme Humera

Humera is an ardent reader along with being an amateur poet. She finds it indispensable to deliver her notions as frequently as she can. This compelling motive acquainted her with elocutions. Regarded as an uber-nerd, she is an art lover too and a science fanatic where she bagged laurels representing her science projects.


In today’s fast paced, interconnected world, English is the single unifying language that binds all together.


It crossed the International borders and transcends language compatibility barriers that made it the most desirable language in today’s world. However, one requires more than a rudimentary knowledge of English to succeed in a corporate environment. One needs to understand and have command over a vast vocabulary dealing with every specific concept in minutiae in order to communicate efficiently and effectively with other professionals.


According to the theories of pedagogues, the level of language proficiency is set differently. A proficient speaker demonstrates both accuracy and fluency, with the use of variety of discourse strategies.


English Language has become the default language in all official forms of communication in most countries around the world. It is spoken as the official language in over 70 countries.  According to the EF English proficiency Index, The Netherland has emerged as the nation with the highest English language proficiency with a score of 72 other than the native English speakers. It is ahead of five other Northern European nations. Asia has a higher overall average proficiency like Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines are using it extensively. The report found that better English in a country correlates with higher income, higher levels of innovations and a better quality of life. It is observed, that people look to English as a key to better prospects, and for better socialization. The importance of English in a society finds its manifestation in people’s attitudes towards the language. Doctors, accountants and other professionals are taking up English lessons to attain proficiency to use as a ladder for their career .Pragmatically; it is considered an indispensable instrument to gain access to better prospects and knowledge of various kinds, including higher education.


 Learning a language can be entertaining and rewarding, but the benefits of being able to speak and write English fluently plays a vital role in many aspects of life. It will not only benefit personal or social life through communicating with others, but it can also benefit professional life by opening up more opportunities. It helps in understanding others culture and heritage, as books and information on internet is available in English.


In today’s highly competitive global world, English is the preferred language.  Many reputed organizations around the world depend on English as a means of communication in everything from emails to documentations, presentations, sales, marketing and human resources both in print and electronic media for better collaboration, global understanding and higher productivity. English has even become the standard official language in some important industries like shipping, airline, naval, air (pilots) The use of English for work environments has become prevalent to such a degree that business English has become a subject of study in many major educational institutions.


Thus, it is crystal clear that English is inevitable for access to professional career. So, brush off the dust and polish talent, which can be a daunting prospect.

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