Educational Technology [EduTech]

Learning and education have the potential of playing life-changing roles in most people’s lives. Therefore, we have an obligation to keep developing the quality and impact of education!
To be effective in the 21st century the educational world will require keen attention to innovate curricula, classroom practices and teacher quality. through its innovate programs aims to transform classroom practices fostering creativity and critical thinking in learners so that they move from rote memorization towards complex comprehension and application abilities.

What does EduTech Offer You ?

Information and Communication Technology in institutions of learning is being used as a tool for not only overall management and organization of learning, but also to inculcate in the young generation skills necessary to cope with future life. through its EduTech unit will provide continuing education programs for different stakeholders of the teaching learning process such as the learner, teacher, headteacher, parents and administrators.

Short duration sessions designed for teachers , head teachers and others on a very focused topic. There are hordes of topics which already are pre-designed to the needs of schools yet on special requests these can be customized as well. Participants who take up these workshops get participation certificates.

  1. Understanding of ICT competencies for Students , Teacher ,Educators and leaders.

  2. Emerging trends in education i.e. Blended Learning, Self-paced learning etc.

  3. ICT integration across Curriculum: Mathematics, English, Sciences and Social Sciences

  4. Innovative Teaching Pedagogies

  5. Project Based Learning through Technology

  6. Engaging children in learning at home

Online courses are so designed that they benefit both beginning and experienced people in the field . Take online professional development courses when, where and how you want! With our “enroll anytime” courses, you may complete your online course from anywhere–at the time and place of your choice. The beauty of online professional development courses is that allows you to be in the driving seat and manoeuvre your own professional development journey. makes this journey simple and easy for each one of you by providing one to one assistance throughout the course. Few online professional development courses include:

  1. Thinking with Technology

  2. Power of Web 2.0 technologies in Education

  3. Unfolding Digital Citizenship in Education

  4. School leadership: Transforming Learning for Tomorrow

At the certificate courses offered ensure that they provide learners an opportunity to master a specific area both theoretical and practical application. The duration of the certificate course will always be more than at least three months. Learners can earn certificates to get a step ahead in the professional field of their interest, and certificates may be offered in similar programs leading to Diplomas as well. In addition to the lectures, most courses will make use of real case studies, deliberations and research studies.
These ICT based certificate courses will allow learners to acquire new skills. Below mentioned certificates are offered several times a year, providing flexibility and convenience in terms of scheduling. Few of the certificates courses are:

  1. Innovate Teaching with Technology

  2. ICT in Primary Education: Transforming children’s learning across the curriculum

  3. ICT in Secondary Education: Transforming children’s learning across the curriculum

  4. Using Technology Meaningfully in Early Years also provides services of experienced educational consultants who are trained to analyze and advise a client in order to make the best possible choices. Our consultancy services provides learners , schools and other institutions strategic plans that could help to improve them. The consultants will provide customize service that will assist our client to meet their strategic goals. consultants will be able to provide school based support in the following areas and much more

  1. Assisting school leadership to develop a vision for transforming learning through ICT

  2. Change in the approach towards staff development

  3. Re-conceptualizing beliefs and practices of teaching and learning

  4. ICT integration model for

      Early Childhood level
      Primary Level and
      Secondary and Higher Secondary level
  5. Strengthening eLearning and online possibilities

  6. Development of School Development plan (five-year ICT roadmap)

  7. Action Research Projects

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