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RoboGarden™ originated from a specialized Canadian high tech engineering firm, Micro Engineering Technology Inc. (METI). METI needed to enhance the coding capabilities of its internal research staff, recognizing the inherent value in creating a system that would produce a higher quality of computer software programmer and the need for practical vs theoretical application. Seeing the need in the education systems for such a tool, METI adapted RoboGarden™ to bridge the gap between schools’ challenge to remain current and relevant and this critical future student capability.


Robogarden believe that students starting from Kindergarten must be provided with a correct platform that will enable them to learn in depth about coding languages and the general syntax surrounding the languages. Robogarden is not a platform that only guides students but it also intrinsically motivates students to further enhance their knowledge and it allows them to start thinking like a computer scientist.


Our coding platform is unique in the sense that it provides a progressive curriculum from K-12, without the need to patch up multiple different software. We began with blockly codes and we have also released java script and python.


Our Vision:


Making creativity available for everyone by building the most powerful and simple global coding learning platform for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

RoboGarden Journeys

  1. Get to know the world in the party
  2. Sense the fun n the birthday party
  3. What if Robo Goes to the Moon?
  4. Let’s Go to the Moon, Back and Forth
  5. Need a Break, Build a snowman
  6. Decorate the tree from bottom up
  7. Discover Python
  8. Discover JavaScript
  9. Introduction to Python
  10. Introduction to JavaScript
  11. Master Python
  12. Master JavaScript
RoboGarden Solutions through its solutions helps educational institutions and businesses deploy customized and integrated LMS using the platform of Moodle. We provide installation, customization, optimization as well as training and support to help organizations develop a virtual learning environment that meets the needs of trainers, trainees, HR professionals and other employees.

RoboGarden Canada

  1. KN Academy Karachi
  2. The Orchid School Karachi
  3. Happy Home School Karachi
  4. The Educator Tanjo Jam Hyderabad Sindh
  5. The Educator Hala Hyderabad Sindh
  6. The Knowledge Valley


Head Office

221-B, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S,
Shah Abdul Latif Road, Lane No. 5,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Phone: +92 334 6933998, +92 321 2386483
+92 341 2620216

Karimabad Office – Teachers Development and English Language Centre

Office # 201, 2nd floor, Al-Prince Market, F.B. Area, Block 3, Karimabad, Karachi – Sindh - Pakistan (Central Asia)

164, Bokonbayev St.Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Phone: +996 776 752 171

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