Planning for effective class

1,500.00 Incl. taxes

Guided Learning Hours : 12 hours

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and role of planning in day to day classroom routines
  • Design lessons based on the concept of engaging students meaningfully
  • Construct questions and lesson objectives that promote higher-order thinking
  • Acquire skills to reflect on their planning critically and research om how to improvise their planning


In this unit, participants would learn how to effectively plan for their class. The unit includes techniques designed to engage students at the start of a learning session. Teachers will discover strategies to segment learning with active learning practices. Through this unit participants will take a deep dive in understanding the need for planning in detail about the class including objectives, strategies, content, resources, and assessment. Teachers would also understand that in an online course, teachers use the same principles for planning an employ technique that would benefit online learning.


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