Understanding learners and learning

1,500.00 Incl. taxes

Guided Learning Hours : 12 hours
Participants will be able to:

  • Review and refine their own understanding of the term learning
  • Examine if their current teaching practices meet the learning styles of the learners in their classroom
  • Interpret learning theories in light of classroom practices and design plans to use the theoretical perspectives into classroom application
  • Evaluate their own teaching practices in light of the principles of learning


As the title suggests, Learners and Learning is the unit that addresses most directly the fundamental, core business of schooling. The purpose of the unit is to develop the understanding about the concept of learning. It accordingly promotes a theoretically understanding of what learning is, how it takes place, and how teachers may go about organizing systematic learning. The unit also gives an insight to the participants about learning theories and its application in the classroom. The unit also enables teachers to analyze learning, and, in so doing, to reflect on what they can do to improve it.


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