What is Ednimbus ?

Ednimbus is a leading cloud-based School Information System application.
Ednimbus gives your school tremendous competitive advantage by providing a platform for parents, staff and teachers to be involved and co-ordinate.
This ensures that each student has the best resources and assistance available in a timely manner to help her succeed!

School Information System

  • Student, Parent detailed demographic info
  • Teacher, Staff, Admin detailed Info

School Management System

  • Academic Management
  • Student, Parent, Teacher, Admin Portals

School ERP,

  • Fee Management
  • Payroll Management, HR, Accounting
  • Performance Metrics, Analytics

What is a School Information System?

A School Information System helps integrate the home, classroom and the School Administration.

The system helps track enrollment and retention for each individual student.

For each student, the CNIC numbers of their parents/guardians, phone numbers, date of birth, enrollment year and current grade, is maintained in the database.

What is a Cloud Application?

Ednimbus is a cloud application and therefore your school does not need to buy any hardware or software to host the application.

Simply connect from your desktop, laptop or smartphone to Ednimbus and you instantly have 24x7x365 access to all your vital information at all times. Ednimbus is hosted by the industry leader in Cloud Computing. 

Connecting all stakeholders

Ednimbus connects Students, Parents, Teachers and the School Administration