Success Stories From Our Clients is a very diverse organization and has all the essential tools available which are normally required by any bank for conducting its in-house training based on eLearning modules which are so very user friendly making it interesting for the staff through interactive Learning Management System.
The team is very talented and cooperative. I had a chance to implement their solutions in Summit Bank and it worked great.

Irfan Rasool Patoli

Head of Innovation & Business Application Information Technology Department Al Barka Bank (Pakistan) Limited

I approached back in 2015 when my school and I decided to incorporate cross-cultural learning and interactions with students and teachers around the world. has served as an amazing platform for preparing teachers to participate in the connecting classrooms project by the British Council. I must say that is playing a substantial role in reforming the professional development in Pakistan and helping us pace up with other countries in the world by gearing up with core skills & innovative methodologies

Tehmina Khalid

Director Academic Affairs Happy Home School converted our requirements into highly professional courses that exceeded our expectations. They have been always spot on to the client’s needs, effective in execution, and technically excellent. Highly recommended for anyone seeking eLearning development solutions.

Hammad Laiq

Senior Manager Learning and Development Habib Bank Limited is one of the prestigious organizations where one can find the best solutions for teachers’ professional development and consultancy for the educational bodies to align their teaching and learning practices with 21st-century skills within contextual realities. has provided us with academic solutions through effective training and embed innovative ideas in current practices. This has developed trust in the organization that we will be well guided by team

Ghazala Naushad

Principal & Head of Academic Department Shamsi School and College

Through this message, I would like to appreciate the endeavours put in by to become one of the best companies providing e-learning solutions for over 3 years. The company has experience and insight into the eLearning arena, which is quite new and is constantly evolving. has been using innovative and modernized tools to enhance the learning experience for our users in the banking sector of Pakistan. There is far less focus on text and more use of interactive methods.

Faisal Hussain

Director Academic Operations The Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP) is engaged in a vibrant partnership with the Nasra School system and very well managing to provide highly valued professional development to novice and veteran teachers, who lack resources, face issues in carrying out reflective practices, and complain about previous ineffective experiences. With academic excellence as core values, we have embraced the visionary ideals and values of the Institute’s founders.
I, on the behalf of Nasra schools, extend our heartiest congratulations to team The Institute includes a faculty that is dedicated and dynamic in their work and mission.

Tubi Naz

Principal Nasra Higher Secondary School Malir Campus

I had the good fortune of working with for the last 4 years. With several initiatives and projects occurring at the same time, involving multiple confined space entries, detailed planning, implementation, and
communication of those plans with all stakeholders was critical. The company brought along good expertise that involved targeting the right clientele through the use of innovative ideas, modern skillset with great vision.
has played a vital role in so far transformation of our old education system to the modern and interactive one equipped with 21st-century tools.
Learn tech has set new and high standards of imparting knowledge and skills to educators in the country. The services rendered so far are not limited to build the capacity of individuals but will have a huge impact in enabling our nation.

Muhammad Usman Khan

SMB – Education Account Manager I Pakistan

Engaging in personal and professional development opportunities especially in education requires linking theory to practice; during different workshops with, our teachers have explored theoretical knowledge and its application in our very own schools. The learning and support they’ve received in those sessions are effective on a daily basis such as the use of vocabulary when communicating within
the community, similarly exploring essential 21st-century skills to enrich teaching and learning. We were able to embed internationalism in our curriculum and school ethos.

Gul Afshan Shakeel Siddiqui

Principal Falconhouse Grammar School

I have known Mr Nur Ali and his fantastic team for all the four years that they have been in business. They have always been proactive, resourceful and diligent. The most wonderful thing has been the attitude of the team.
I have had the privilege of working with them at multiple organizations and have been part of their growth as well. I feel they are destinated for bigger better things and I wish them all the best for the future.

Muhammad Fayyaz Kerawala

Head Learning | Human Resources Division | Habib Metropolitan Bank provides professional development and consultancy services to education. They give quality programs and services; they enhance today’s methods of education and use technology as a tool for professional growth.
Their excellent delivery of the courses, the continuous support and encouragement, the experience and insightfulness of the instructors have allowed me to show the best of my ability.
I had a very good experience during various programs that I have taken up; all the staff was friendly, considerate and very supportive. I would have no problem recommending them to others as I would like to continue my journey of professional development with them.

Amber Khan

Principal Knowledge Valley School CEO and Master Trainer