LearnTech.pk is among the first organizations of Pakistan that provides professional development and consultancy services to educational institutions in particular and other corporations empowering them to transform the way they learn and work by integrating technology in their respective every day routines. LearnTech.pk offers a unique blend of services using technological innovations allowing on one hand the customers to keep intact their rich contextual realities yet gear them with tools ensuring that they meet global standards. These customized solutions ensure that whoever approaches LearnTech.pk will find creative ways to be the best in the market. The revolution o technology within business today has made it essential for all to accept and embrace the need for organizations like LearnTech.pk to work hand in hand. LearnTech.pk will ensure to reach clients not only in urban settlements but in semi urban and remote settings.


LearnTech.pk is the implementing partner of British Council to roll out its Connecting Classroom III programs in Karachi and Sindh for the year 2018.

Learning about Technology

Learn the basics of Information and Communication Technology at LearnTech.pk where special workshops are organized to teach various tools that can be employed to do every day work.

Learning through Technology

Once the tools are learned it’s time to also acquire the art of integrating the tools in everyday work and be able to apply the tools for gaining optimal efficiency and efficacy.

Learning with Technology

At LearnTech.pk you learn to use technology to run systems efficiently such as Learning Management System assisting in transforming teaching process.

LearnTech.pk works in four domains; Program development, People development, Resource development and Consultancy in three ways:

People Development

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Educational Leaders

  • Educational Administrators

  • Corporate employees

Program Development

  • Curriculum Enrichment through Technology

  • Workshops

  • Certificate Courses

  • Blended Learning Programs

  • Management Courses

Resource Development

  • Learners Resources

  • Teaching and Learning Resources

  • Management Resources

  • Educational Leadership Resources


  • Research

  • School Improvement Plans

  • Online/e-Learning Programs

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Management Information Systems

  • Professional Development Programs


  • CPDC- workshops 10 % discount
  • Certificate courses 10% discount
  • Access to free courses on Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Become part of Teachers’ World Forum
  • Access to eLibrary
  • Participation in monthly academic session
  • Receive regular updates through email, Whatsapp and SMS
  • Annual membership Fee Rs. 1,000/=
  • CPDC workshops – group discount (3+1 free)
  • Certificate courses 15% discount (6 to 10 nominations)
  • Certificate courses 20% group discount (11+ nominations)
  • Availability of onsite CPDC workshops
  • Access to free courses on Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Become part of Teachers’ World Forum
  • Access to eLibrary
  • Participation in monthly academic session
  • Annual membership Fee Rs. 2,500/= per school/branch

LearnTech.pk has a highly relevant ethic and objectives which align well with the key challenges being faced by education systems in Pakistan and across the Middle East. The organisation is clearly fuelled by a passion for innovating and improving student outcomes, and its values and vision are underpinned by Nur Ali Tejani and his team’s years of experience and expertise in developing education methods and practices.

Grace Hardy

United Kingdom (UK)

A much needed initiative! LearnTech.pk is absolutely an amazing idea. I feel honor to say that the Director of LearnTech.pk was my MBA classmate. A strong believer of growth mindset. I have had the pleasure to learn the concept of Project Based Learning (PBL) from Nur Ali. I am always impressed with his Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge and skills that i encounter when I interact with him. He has a great blend of creativity and organisational skills. When I need content related to ICT or digital learning for my workplace, I know I can always count on Nur Ali. Wishing you the very best of luck for this initiative! hopefully, LearnTech.pk would help our institutions to redefine learning in its true sense.

Azmina Afzal

MPhil in Education, MBA in Educational Management, Academic Head (OLNC) & Head of Monitoring Teaching Practices at Foundation Public School (FPS), Career Counsellor

LearnTech.pk is a brilliant as well as an innovative effort that will definitely help to connect the traditional teaching and learning system in our educational institutes with the digital world of learning. I’ve been acquainted with Nur Ali Tejani, the founder of this organization, since 2010 when I sought admission in an international Masters in Educational Leadership Program at Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE). He facilitated our batch to learn about and learn through the blended learning approach. Throughout the two year program, he taught and facilitated us with his usual patience and diligence. Afterwards, when the need to introduce the blended learning approach was felt at my work place i.e. Happy Home School, I sought his help. He did not only help us in setting up the virtual environment but also inspired our teachers and students throughout the process right from introducing the idea to train the teachers and children and then towards the actual implementation of the blended learning in our system. Looking at his professional expertise and will to benefit others with his knowledge and skills, I am positive that LearnTech.pk will become a catalyst of change in our educational institutes.

Tehmina Khalid

Head, Quality Enhancement Cell at Happy Home School

Head Office

221-B, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S,
Shah Abdul Latif Road, Lane No. 5,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Email: info@learntech.pk
Phone: +92 334 6933998, +92 321 2386483
+92 341 2620216

Karimabad Office

LearnTech.pk – Teachers Development and English Language Centre

Office # 201, 2nd floor, Al-Prince Market, F.B. Area, Block 3, Karimabad, Karachi – Sindh - Pakistan

LearnTech.pk.Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia)

164, Bokonbayev St.Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Phone: +996 776 752 171
Email: infokg@learntech.pk

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