AWS re/Start program

AWS re/Start is a free, full-time skills development program to jump-start your career working in cloud computing. A technology background is not required to apply and the program is focused on unemployed and underemployed individuals.

AWS re/Start and have teamed up to offer this tuition free, online program in multiple cities in Pakistan, starting with Karachi. Through scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework, learners gain the skills they need for an entry-level cloud role. In the program, you’ll also focus on professional skills such as adaptive communication, time management, resume building, and interviewing to prepare for employer meeting and interviews. You will learn cloud computing skills and prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with free access to practice and full exams. After you graduate, will connect you with employers and help you move into your new working life.

Program Length: 12 weeks, Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm

Follow these simple steps to get on board with us

Want to know if this is right for you?

Check your eligibility here [Mandatory for all applicants]

Full-time availability to attend training Monday–Friday(9-5) for 3 months

You are currently not in education or training

Minimum bachelorette degree

Ability to start a full-time job after course completion

Excitement to launch a career in cloud computing

Pass Aptitude Test (pre-selection)

What skills our learners will aquire

Technical skills –

How cloud computing works

AWS Cloud skills

How to use different programing languages

Build skills aligned with AWS Certification – you’ll prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

Behavior & Mindset skills –

Effective communication

Problem solving


Time management

Skills you will learn during the 12 weeks

Program Benefits

Access free, in-person, skills-based training


Join a local cohort of 25 individuals in full-time, classroom-based training to launch a cloud career.


Free Training on a Hot Skill


Yes! Training for in-demand cloud computing skills is absolutely free! Your first step to unlock an all-new career path in IT


Real Practice


You’ll complete real-world scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework to prepare for a career in the cloud


Build skills aligned to AWS Certification


Once learners have built AWS Cloud computing skills through hands-on experience, they can prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam with complimentary access to practice exams and full exams.


Placement Opportunities


We will work with you and help you with opportunities to get placed so that you can restart or start your career

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any fee?

No, the course is free of cost. However there a security deposit of Rs5,000 needs to be paid upon acceptance. This deposit is refundable upon graduation and if all graduation requirements* are met..

Is prior IT/Computer/Tech background required?

Previous IT/technology/Computer background is not required to enroll in this course

I don’t know anything about cloud computing. What is it?

Watch the video below to get an idea about Cloud Computing and what you will learn.

I am a student, can I apply?

If you are a full-time student, then course is not suitable for you. Part time students can apply provided they are available for the full day.

How long will it take for the application screening process to complete?

After you have filled the application, please wait for team to get back to you. Normal time to respond can be up to 1 week.

Is this course available in other cities besides Karachi?

Yes, this course is available for students all over paksitan. 

Attendance policy

This is not a self-study program, thus full attendance is required. If a student is missing, they must provide the instructor a reasonable justification for their absence. Any missed coursework must be covered up by the learners.


Learners should score at least 70% overall on assessments


What are the graduation requirements?

  • Maintain attendance of at least 90% during the online classes.
  • Complete all labs before the end of the course.
  • Receive an average grade of 70% or more in all quizzes and tests.

What is Cloud Computing

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